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Campoverde: The Vancouver Social Club

Do you find it difficult to meet new people in Vancouver? It is a commonly known fact that although Vancouver is filled with wonderful people, it is challenging to build new friendships, find people to date, or develop solid business contacts in our cty. In order to build a social network, you might introduce yourself to every cappuccino sipper in every Starbucks or hit every downtown nightclub every single night but generally speaking people will either think you are hitting on them or that you are selling something. You could make things a lot easier on yourself by joining The Campoverde Social Club, Canada's friendliest social club. If you wanted to golf, you would join a golf club. For squash players, a squash club. Tennis, a tennis club. If you want to socialize, then you join a social club.

What makes Campoverde the perfect place to socialize and meet new people?

First, all Campoverde members meet some basic criteria: well rounded, interesting, educated and employed. All members have been interviewed in person and understand that we are a social club, not a singles club, not a business networking club, not a swingers club. With over 500 members from around the world, Campoverde is the place to meet a variety of people who range from artists to doctors, opera singers to veterinarians, pilots to pianists. This is an eclectic mix of fascinating people with many stories to share, a true village experience. The safe living room environment ensures safety while promoting copious amounts of fun. You can easily meet new friends who share your interests and activities, someone you can click with. Our results are outstanding: 38 marriages, 10 new companies formed, we have re-built and adopted a village in Sri Lanka, fund raised for members in trouble, dozens of people have changed careers through contacts made at the club and we have created tens of thousands of friendships.
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Second, other than being a venue for elite social and business events, like corporate cocktail parties, Campoverde regularly organizes exclusive events for its members to mix and mingle, build relationships and have a whole lot of fun. Murder Mystery Evenings, Mardi Gras-inspired Masquerade parties, Supperclubs, Poker Nights and Un-Valentine's Day Pajama Parties are just a few of the fun events that inspire great personal socializing and business networking at Campoverde.

Third, eating great food with great people! Bonding with delightful people over delicious food is a specialty at Campoverde. Come and visit the club for a dining out experience like no other. Join us for our weeknight menu or attend our most popular event, The Saturday Supperclub, a 3-course meal with 5-star company! Our gourmet chef is on hand to make your meals exactly as you like them. Call on your way over from work and we have your food waiting for you as you walk in, your own personal chef at your fingertips!

Campoverde is Vancouver's ultimate social club because, unlike other bars and social networking clubs the ladies and gentlemen of Vancouver frequent, we genuinely seek to create and nurture valuable connections. It is not merely a social networking club or a venue you hire for social or corporate/ business events; it's a warm, comfortable, stress-free environment that creates and fosters a sense of community amongst its members.

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Campoverde is the friendliest social club in Vancouver. Our one, fast rule is "to be friendly"; veteran club members make extra effort to welcome new members and their guests.

We also encourage members to dream-up new and exciting group events and suggest dinner party ideas, and every member is entitled to use the club once a year for whatever personal event they wish to throw; such as birthday parties, wedding receptions or business functions.

If you are looking for a relaxing room to meet great people, or need a very cool lounge to host a party for your friends, or are searching for an exclusive and unique venue for your corporate reception or business event, you have found her, and her name is The Campoverde Social Club.

Contact us now and see what benefits a membership in The Campoverde Social Club can bring you. Our membership committee will let you know if you qualify for membership within a few days of speaking with us. earning money app without investment


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2008 Nominee for Westside Community Spirit.

Campoverde is absolutely unique in Vancouver - perhaps in all of Canada. It's a place where men and women can drop in for a drink or dinner and always be assured of a warm welcome. It's great for business networking too. For me over the past four years it has become my main source of friends and fellowship beyond my colleagues at the university. James, Professor of Economics

"I am having lots of fun. I bump into members on the street all the time. I've been in Vancouver ten years and didn't know anyone and suddenly I do and feel like I am a part of the community. I didn't really understand how great it would be. Now, I can't believe how long I went without having a social club." Giselle, Business Owner

"Hi Rachel! Just wanted to say thanks for having me over to your social club last night. Was really not sure what to expect, but within minutes of being there it was like "WOW" what a great idea and great people. You and your members have done a remarkable job in making your club the most comfortable and relaxing environment that I have been in. Heck I was more relaxed there than in my own family room….lol Cheers, Kevin" Guest of a member, Entrepreneur. Read more..

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